Dear Friends,

You might be wondering what is happening with our neighbors and where we stand with our request to rent the second half (in fact it is a bit larger) of the same floor where we already hold our meetings.

You remember how we had problems with the rain leaking through the separation wall, because of broken windows in the other hall. At the end of February a young man, during a very clear night, entered into the hall through the broken windows, climbed on the covered emergency stairs, walked on the roof, managed to open our closed window and broke into our sanctuary. It happened twice, first during the night at 3 am, and then later the same day at 10 pm, although in the meantime we had strongly secured the same window. The alarm went on, but the burglar was able to steal a computer the first time and the sound mixer table the second. Fortunately, the security cameras in our hall recorded his face and the police was able to arrest him later. After this misadventure, we put bars outside the window used by the burglar and we put an alarm in the hall with the broken windows. For a while it seemed that the landlord of that hall was quite indifferent.

On March, Friday 6th, we met with the owner of the space we would like to rent and we discovered HE WENT THROUGH A TOTAL CHANGE OF HEART towards us. We still need to propose a substantial reduction of the rent if we do most of the restoration work, and we will meet this week with him for this purpose. Please pray that we will reach a fair agreement.

Notwithstanding all of that, last week we started celebrating the Purim festival, a very appropriate occasion since it seems that in our days many “Hamans" clearly proclaim their desire to see the annihilation of the Jewish people and especially of the State of Israel.

As at the time of Esther, we know that our God reigns and that everything works for the advance of His Kingdom. His covenants will never be broken and all His promises will be accomplished. He is also asking each one of us to take an active role in His plans. Therefore, let us be obedient, persevering and faithful, even if sometimes these attitudes could be risky or disturb our daily life.

Last Saturday morning our worship hall was filled with visitors and regular congregants who enjoyed the Purimspiel prepared by some of the Youth and played with great talent. May the Lord use what was said and played to bring everyone closer to Him!

Thanks again for your partnership in this adventure!

Hag Sameach! (Happy festival!)

Alek and Lena Kravtsov