Follow up

Dear Friends and Partners,

We don’t know how to thank you for your prayers! We were on the point of signing the contract for the rental of the meeting hall on the floor below the area we are already using, when the owner of the hall next to us, on the same floor, showed signs that he was ready to resume negotiations with us.

This hall next to us meets our needs much better. Last summer, we were praying in it with an intercessory group and we sensed that the Lord was willing to give us that place.

It is much bigger than the area available on the lower floor. Certainly the rent will be higher and at the moment the place is so devastated that a lot of restoration works will be necessary. For instance, because of the strong winds and rain of the last weeks, water from the broken windows and the rotten roof of the hall we want sipped under the door into our meeting place!

We will meet with the owner again next week. We will insist on a very low rent, at least for the first year, because of the amount of restoration work to be done. Please pray that we will find favour with the owner and we will be able to sign a very profitable contract. We will let you know the outcome of our negotiations.

Thank you again!

For His Kingdom,

Alek and Lena and the Beit ha Kerem team.