Bringing people to salvation has never been an easy task. Especially when it comes to preaching the gospel to the Jews. Those who are familiar with the ministry of messianic congregations are aware of the obstacles that face every active messianic believer. But God is faithful and it’s already been 5 years since He started using Beit haKerem congregation for bringing His people to their Messiah.

On the 13th of February our congregation will be celebrating its fifth anniversary. During these 5 years our community that started only with 15 people grew to 75 active members. Quite recently we witnessed several people giving their lives to God and accepting their Messiah. They decided to be baptized in Jordan in spite of the cool winter weather.

The Beit haKerem congregation became a place of our first true meeting with God. And I think I speak for everyone when I say that it also became our second family and home.

We believe in calling on our lives and our vision for the salvation of Russian-speaking Jews in our region. We’ve been praying for expansion of our ministry and for the new ways and opportunities to preach gospel. We have plans for additional meetings and ministries to reach new people. Particularly gospel outreach ministries and meetings with young people. Unfortunately auditorium that we rent is not big enough for these purposes. Since our congregation lives purely on donations and tithes from its members it’s never been possible for us to afford renting another facility.

The facility in the building where we hold our meetings just one floor below was used as a billiard room. Recently their contract expired and we received an offer from the owner to rent this place. This man knows about our congregation and that we are believers in Yeshua. And he offered us to rent this space for a price that is 3 times lower than its market value!

We believe that this is the answer from God and a great opportunity for reaching new people. We appeal to all who have a desire to help our ministry. We need a prayer and financial support. The rental price is $2,000 per month and the owner even agreed to cut the price for one year of rent to $800 per month. This place will need some renovation and maintenance which will approximately take around $15,000.

If you feel that God puts a desire in your heart to make a donation please use the information below to initiate a bank transfer:

Bank name: Bank Leumi le Israel B.M.
Branch name: Tel Aviv main branch
ROUTING NO.: // IL010 800
ACCOUNT NO.: 8742317729
BENEFICIARY NAME: Amutat Beit haKerem haKrayot