Our vision

The time of the Jewish diaspora is ending. The Lord is gathering His people in His land and unto Himself, as at the time of harvest, and the gathering is still going on. 


 Beit ha-Kerem, “The Beloved Vineyard”, started as a congregation among the Jews who have returned to Israel, a place where He could bless His people and restore them to their Land, as He promised, a place where He is revealing Himself to His family, His beloved vineyard as the Bible calls it, as a true Father, full of grace, mercy and compassion.


The vision of our congregation is founded on:

  • Restoring the altar of the Lord through praise, worship and prayer, both individually and corporately
  • Equipping the saints: a commitment to study and apply the Scriptures including God's promises, as a foundation for inner healing and godly lives.
  • A prophetic call to proclaim the Good News of Salvation to Jews and Gentiles alike ( Is 52 v7 ), showing Yeshua the Messiah through the Jewish festivals and witnessing His Love wherever we go.

 Beit ha-Karem is located in the heart of the Krayot, near Haifa. Our neighbours come from all the countries of the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, North Africa, North and South America. We welcome all believers and seekers to worship with us and to live, pray and study together as disciples of Yeshua HaMashiach.