May-June Beith ha Kerem newsletter, 2017

“I will put My law in their minds, and write it on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people”
( Jer 31:33 )

Shavuot is now behind us and Summer is already here.

Between Pesach and Shavuot we enjoyed Dr Giancarlo and Catherine Elia’s visit to our congregation and their teaching. On Independence Day Giancarlo reminded us that we, as Israeli who gathered in the Land from all corners of the earth, represent the living fulfilment of many prophecies of restoration. The birth of our country and all the waves of immigration since that time are all due to God’s doing, who is true to Himself and is fulfilling all His promises regarding Israel. We were also encouraged to ‘consider the times’, while checking our walk with the Lord and reaching out to our fellow citizens who still do not know Yeshua.

On the 30th of May (the evening of Shavuot, which is Pentecost) we went late into the night worshipping with another congregation from Netanya and a few friends from Ukraine.

Traditionally, the book of Ruth is read in the evening service in the synagogue, and those with the greatest endurance read all the five books of the Torah throughout the whole night. At Shavuot we celebrate God’s goodness in giving us the law and writing it in our hearts through His Spirit. We thank God for the reading of the book of Ruth: although according to the Law the ‘Moabites were not allowed to enter into the assembly of Israel’, Ruth a Moabite not only remained with Noemi and followed her to Bethlehem, but she even became an ancestor of Yeshua our Lord and Messiah! Traditionally it is maintained that the book of Ruth is read at this specific feast because of the barley harvest. However, in the story of Ruth we see much more than what the Jewish tradition tells us: the Lord speaks about extending His grace, His mercy and the giving of the Law engraved in our hearts, to the Gentiles through Yeshua.

One week later Dr James Egan, from Dallas, shared with us the Father’s heart: when Yeshua started His earthly ministry and quoted that He came to heal the broken hearts, we rightly think about the sufferings of humanity. However, didn’t Yeshua also come to take away the pain in the heart of the our heavenly Father because of our separation from Him? We were lead through the story of the Father with two sons (the so called parable of the prodigal son), through John 17 (the high priestly prayer of intercession that Yeshua lifted to His Father before His passion) and finally our guest commented on the interrupted funeral of the widow’s son in Nain.

The midweek prayer meetings get more and more blessed each time. Recently the team leaders were all busy in another meeting and some others were delegated to lead the prayer meeting. One sister felt strongly that we needed to pray for the cleansing of our area. As you probably know, the area where our building is located is frequented by prostitutes and alcoholics. The group really prayed with fervour for the Lord to have mercy, change hearts, reveal Himself so that people involved in alcohol and prostitution would be saved. Then everyone left and for a while everything was very quiet. When the team leaders finished their meeting and left the building a bit later, police cars were taking away the women involved in prostitution. The answer to our prayers came quickly and in a way different from what we thought. However, God’s wisdom is well above ours.

Recently our sister Mussa was walking in her neighbourhood and stopped to talk to a man. He had a scheduled surgery because of a constant running nose caused by allergies and polyps that made his breathing difficult. He is not yet a believer. Mussa asked for his permission to pray for him. A week later when she met him again, he told her that eventually he had no need of any surgery because he had been totally healed!

More recently Mussa talked to an alcoholic man and had the opportunity to visit his mother. After Mussa prayed briefly for him, this man, who used to be angry at God constantly, suddenly was able to read the Bible and felt that something happened to him. This was two weeks ago.

Please pray for the salvation of these two men!

The congregation is now meeting each day of this last week of June for a special time of prayer. May the Lord reveal Himself and His plans to us.

Many children and youth will attend camps throughout the Summer. Please keep praying for security for the children, strength and wisdom for the teams caring for them and for each one be refreshed, strengthened and enter into greater intimacy with God before the start of the new school year.

A few news about Israel, our government and our neighbouring countries:

Some Messianic believers were present at the Pride Parade in Tel Aviv, holding banners with verses from Isaiah 53, silent witnesses of the power of redemption. The parade is certainly not anything of which we can be proud but, sadly, even many members of our government encourage the parade as being beneficial to tourism and to the LGBT community in Tel Aviv.

Recently the country mourned the death of a young female soldier killed in Jerusalem.

Today the Israeli army had to evacuate the tourists on the Golan Heights close to Kuneitra because some mortar shells landed in Israel.

Throughout Ramadan and specially close to the date of Jerusalem reunification, Iran again called for the destruction of Israel.

May the Lord give wisdom to our government, may the Lord protect our people and our borders, may the Lord touch the Muslims around us and lead them to salvation through supernatural revelations!

Thank you again for your prayers and support.

May the Lord bless you abundantly,

Claudine, for Alek and Lena Kravtsov.