Newsletter August 2016

Dear Friends and Partners,

“Is anything too hard for the Lord“ (Gen 18: 14)

"All the promises of God in Him are yes and in Him amen” (II Cor 1: 20)

Here are some news from the congregation:

We are excited to announce that, after so much time spent in prayer, patiently waiting and hoping, holding firmly to God’s promises, soon we will be able to rent the area next to our main worship hall. The new area is dilapidated and it will need radical restoration. Once it is joined to our main hall, the sitting capacity will be doubled. This will allow us not only to expand our sanctuary but also to hold conference and other events, like seminars, concerts, art exhibitions and any other outreach initiative, open to all visitors. With more space, we will enjoy a better coffee house, already used to reach out to non believers in a warm, friendly and not intimidating environment. We also plan to use some of the new space as a dance studio, equipped with mirrors and other fixtures. Children and adults will be able to learn from a professional dance teacher, who already operates a successful studio at another location.

As you can imagine, the new acquisition and our plans require a lot of prayer, finances, coordination and hard work. Please pray that everything, at every step of our program, will go smoothly and glorify the Lord.

At the end of July we baptized nine people. It is always an exciting moment to see new believers testify their new birth through baptism and we now pray that they will continue to grow in their faith. One of them, a sister called M., has a severe limp from one leg. Another one, a brother called S., has just recovered from alcoholism, attends regularly our meetings and is very faithful. Please pray for the newly baptized believers and more specifically for M. and S.

In August we held a very powerful seminar focused on the orphan spirit and rejection. Although it was very intense, it captivated the attendees who were attentive, understanding and following the moves of the Spirit. We are aware of the deep needs of our people in that area and will continue to work in small groups on inner healing and deliverance. Please pray for the effectiveness of the next steps we are taking.

Some of our members need physical healing. One particular sister, Ira, who went through neurosurgery, still feels pains in her neck and sometimes dizziness. She is still very faithful and attends most of the meetings. The woman who went through liver transplant is now able to come, but not so regularly. Valla, the wife of one of our elders, was recently hospitalized for five days. By the grace of the Lord, she is now back home but still very weak. Please keep praying for these precious women of God.

And what is happening in Israel?

Many knives or small weapons and bombs attacks are regularly prevented by the work of our security services, army, police, secret service, and God’s mighty protection: a terrorist was recognized before he boarded a bus, a woman with a knife was stopped and so on. The situation is improving, but our country needs to invest a lot in its security and to be on constant alert. The Golan Heights had recently its part in the Syrian civil war. Please pray for the Kibbutz Ein Ziwan, so close to the border, that just received ...”lost fires “ from the war zone in Syria.

The sea level of the Kinneret is lower than usual, after Israel experienced her third year of drough and and exceptionally warm Summer. Even a small island appeared in the middle of the lake. Please keep praying that the Lord will send abundant first and latter rains in due time.

The government and parliament approved the next biannual budget and, praise the Lord, instead of the planned cut on education, more money has been allocated.

On the negative side, while some medical and surgical doctors previously had contracts with private complementary insurances, a new law restricts this practice, at terms that are not really for the benefit of the average citizen.

Still on the negative side, most Israeli families are living in debt, relying on bank overdrafts as it were a normal fact of life.

Many Israelis also think that abortion is fine and on two occasions the Supreme Court allowed same sex couples to adopt children .Even in such gloomy darkness, a light is shining: the Israeli pro life messianic organisation was formally recognized by our parliament and rewarded for helping women in crisis and supporting them, even though the profile movement is known in Israel as an organization lead by believers in Yeshua. Amazing! You may check this extraordinary happening at:

“Marking the International Women’s Health Day in the Knesset, the certificate was presented to Be’ad Chaim for their work and contribution to women’s health in Israel.

It was even reported in the most read Israeli daily newspaper, which is freely distributed.

And so, the Messianic profile movement now enjoys free publicity to encourage women and couples to keep their babies!

The event “Tomorrowland”, a very dark occult gathering, was attended by a much lower number of people than what was originally expected. That was an answer to prayer. In September there will be another multi faiths event in Jerusalem, with “people from the three main religions praying together”. We believe that this is not from God, but it is a scheme of Satan aimed at deceiving many. We need to pray that the eyes of all true believers will be opened and that the deception will be exposed.

Two last minute prayers requests: you probably heard than Shimon Peres was hospitalized for a stroke. Please pray for his salvation! And we just received news from the congregation in Arad: the Orthodox Jews are harassing the believers more and more, disturbing the gatherings, and threatening the employers of the believers. Please support this community with your prayers!

We now look towards the Festivals of the fall.

The country already entered a time of repentance, seeking God and His mercy. Our congregation is preparing for a short conference on Rosh ha Shana holidays, and for a series of concerts with different groups, dancing, singing, reading poems, to which we will invite people who otherwise would not come to the congregation.

Many thanks for your prayers, support and friendship.

Rivers of blessing to you all

the Beit ha Kerem team.