Our activities and ministries focus on: 

1. The Word of God 

- Personal study of Scriptures

- Group Bible studies

- Corporate teaching

- Celebration of the Biblical Feasts 


 2. Community Life 

- Regular congregation meetings for worship and fellowship

- Intercessory prayers

- Home groups

- Kabbalat Shabbat celebration

- Guided study tours of the biblical sites of Israel 


3. Service and ministry 

- Worship, prayer and intercession

- Personal counseling and prayer

- Healing and deliverance

- Assistance to new immigrants

- Children's ministry

- Youth ministry

- Outreaches to the elderly 


We invite you to join us in one or more of the following ways:


 1. Weekly congregation meetings

At 25 ha-istadion Street, Kiryat Haim, every Shabbat at 10:30 AM


2. Volunteers’ activities

We welcome you to visit Israel and our congregation and to serve in one of these areas:

- Worship

- Intercessory prayer

- Children’s and youth ministries

- Assistance to new immigrants

- Hospitality

- Visits and assistance to the elderly

- Any other service you would like to suggest